Thursday, August 23, 2007

100 Things About Me...

I am taking the challenge! I don't know how in the world I'm going to find 100 things about myself, but we're going to give it a go. For those of you who take the time to read all 100 (assuming I actually complete the list), I challenge you.


1) My birthday is July 12.
2) I like phone calls on my birthday (no pressure, just an observation).
3) I like happy colors: pink, purple, turquoise, lime green (sounds like I’m stuck in the 80s).
4) I also like earthy colors: sage green, smoky blue/greens, brown, rusty orange (colors with a brown undertone).
5) I weigh....uh uh...that I never tell.
6) I like being 1inch taller than the national average.
7) I have the best husband ever, Steve.
8) I have the most beautiful children ever, 2 girls and a little man.
9) I like to play games.
10) I’m easily entertained.
11) I can have a great time just hanging out with friends, talking and laughing.
12) I was born and raised in Alabama (Roll Tide, baby!).
13) Growing up, my grandparents were some of my best friends.
14) Being a grown up, I wish they were all living so they could still be some of my best friends.
15) I have a little brother, Daniel (not so little, he’s 6’4”).
16) I have the best parents ever, Dan and Sandra.
17) My dad was a Methodist minister for over 40 years.
18) My mom was his right hand for each and every second of his ministry.
19) My mom works in the President’s offices at Calhoun Community College.
20) I loved high school, but would never want to do it again!
21) I received my assoc. degree from my college of choice right before Steve & I were married.
22) I would love to go back and eventually get a Masters in Language Arts for Secondary Education.
23) One day, I would love to teach High School literature and head up either their drama club or school newspaper.
24) I like to take pictures of children playing.
25) I like to pretend that I know how to decorate.
26) I LOVE Christmas!!!
27) I start listening to Christmas songs in September.
28) I am super-anal about my Christmas tree, which is why my kids have their own.
29) I love chocolate…anything.
30) I drink hot chocolate with flavored creamers when I’m trying to lose weight and I need a chocolate fix.
31) I can live off of Sesame Melba Toast if I need to.
32) I love Mexican and Italian food.
33) I do not like Japanese food.
34) I’m a very picky eater.
35) I was in college before I ever tried pizza.
36) I was in my 30s before I ever tried lettuce.
37) I still won’t touch condiments…ewwwww.
38) My favorite ice cream is Ben & Jerry’s (I love those guys) Crème Brule.
39) My favorite drink treat is a big fat chocolate chocolate cheesecake milkshake from Cheeburger Cheeburger.
40) I like to cook.
41) I love to bake.
42) Rachel Ray cracks me up because we share an affinity for making up words to fit a situation or a mood.
43) I love visiting and chatting.
44) I’m a phone person.
45) I try to serve others.
46) I have a hard time letting others help me.
47) I am a TV watcher. (that is a serious understatement)
48) I love to email and blog!
49) I can never remember my in-laws birthdays.
50) For some reason, I can still remember my 9th grade best guy friend’s birthday…October 12th.
51) I can remember a telephone number if I use it one time.
52) I have a lot of useless information in my head.
53) I love pop culture trivia, especially from the late 80s-early 90s.
54) I like to wear flip flops, but I’m self-conscious about my crooked toes.
55) I hate feet.
56) I do, however, think baby and toddler toes are just adorable.
57) I’m afraid to fly on airplanes.
58) Unfortunately for me, my dream vacation is Hawaii.
59) Steve and I have been married for 10 years.
60) He is my #1 best friend.
61) I have several best friends and love to use that title in reference to every one of them.
62) I love people.
63) I like to make new friends and I try to be a good friend.
64) I don’t mind speaking in front of large groups (I actually kind of like it).
65) I love to write.
66) I love theatrical productions.
67) I love musicals, even though I can’t sing.
68) I used to be able to sing and was in a show choir in college.
69) I’m competitive.
70) Steve is almost more competitive, but I try to be the better person about it. :)
71) When I was a little girl, my family liked to go to Six Flags, Opryland, and the beach.
72) I love a good road trip.
73) I love to read!
74) I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan!
75) Growing up, I adored Little House on the Prairie (books and TV show).
76) I can type fast.
77) I like to volunteer at my girls’ elementary school.
78) I’m a room mom.
79) This past year, I lost 50 pounds on Weight Watchers…gained back 16…and I’m still waiting on the next cycle of “loss”.
80) I am not a patient person.
81) I try to be compassionate.
82) I’m scared of alligators/crocodiles in a big way.
83) I am not officially an animal person, but we do have a beautiful Golden Retriever because I love my family more than keeping my floors spotless.
84) I am a neat freak.
85) I have been forced into learning to lighten up about housework since the arrival of my little blonde tornado (I don’t mean the dog, I’m talking about my son).
86) I love to write with fun pens and I love for my notepads to either be a fun color or have cute designs.
87) I hope I’m a good enough mom that I don’t screw up my kids.
88) I’m amazed everyday at the blessings in my life.
89) I know I have a Father in Heaven who plays an integral role in my life.
90) I feel like I’m constantly learning how to pray.
91) I had Leukemia when I was a little girl.
92) I went through over 3 years of chemo and I even lost my hair.
93) I appreciate health.
94) I love Autumn.
95) I love college football: #1 Roll Tide!, #2 SEC in general, #3 the current underdogs from the other divisions.
96) Thanksgiving dinner makes me happy.
97) My mom is the best cook I know.
98) My daddy taught me all I know about card games, cribbage, and how to really build with Legos.
99) My children are my greatest treasures and my greatest challenges.
100) I’ve just discovered that I do still know me.I even have more I could share, but I’ll save that for the next installment…

I now throw down the gauntlet to my blogger friends!Remember you just learned I’m not so patient, so you better get to typing!